The impact of Covid 19 has shown that companies, governments, professionals and actually any individual were unprepared. Having said that, unavoidable benchmarks prove that diferent approaches show diferent results and countries lockdown, PPE rules, boarder controls and other decisions that have mixed results (at least up to now) as this is a contant long term moving target.

It’s important to have prepared contingency plans to allow a resilient response to any emergency, be it sanitary, environmental, financial, debt related, or any other type of crisis. That is why a plan must exist, but allow for a flexible adaptation, to adjust to each situation as they evolve.

We should be prepared to open a Plan “B” file ready at all times. But this is just step one, as change management is more complex and fluid as details need to be constantly adapted as we move along and navigate the process. Urgency and importance are paramount and management includes preparation and adapting.

Experience in various turnarounds and reestructurings in diverse industries and countries with multicultural teams allows us some knowledge of the change process on the ground to share.

Learning from mostly successful change projects and some minor setbacks allows to have a skeleton roadmap. The process is intense and needs focus, teamwork, coordination, and close management to pull through the challenges with the best results possible.