We present the 6S status of businesses at each moment and goal to evolve from one to another, by stearing to the next step or forced by the market, the competition, the economical environment, price of materials, services and/or other tactical and strategical forces.

1 – Start-up – When businesses start from scratch (or almost) specific forces are at play and management skills and steps may be taken. The needs and forces at this phase are different from other stages. It is the kick-off of the project, the company or the business.

2 – Success (Growth) – After the first set-up a steep growth to achive break-even and success is necessary. Many businesses do not survive the first year. Rapid success is essential to allow to aim at getting to cruise status.

3 – Sustain – To keep success is not easy, as atractive markets bring in competition as all try their luck at the new business, as the blue ocean becomes red with excess number of players in the market undercutting each other. This cruise control phase is not as easy, and managers have to not sleep on the spot and enjoy past success.

4 – Stepchange – At each of these other phases businesses need Stepchange as strong short term business growth may be the only way to survive. After start-up to achieve success, when you run into problems and need to turnaround, so to have a steep growth might be needed for survival more than once.

5 – Survive – Here is the turnaround per se, as the company falls into deep problems. It is when CEOs get fired, restructurings take place, businesses are sold, or taken over, and try as best they can not to close down.

6 – Shut down – As I mentioned above most start-ups fail on year one. Very rarelly we talk about failure as we could catch the bad luck. Businesses sometimes fail, whatever you do. Imagine when the price of the barrel of crude oil went from $100 to below $50, how many companies ended up bought out, closed operations or simply disapeared. With the current pandemic many more smaller and large companies will fail and close.

We will develop ebooks and texts as well as trainings of 1 day (8 hours) and masterclasses (of 30 minutes to 90 minutes) or even specific talks on each and all the 6S.